To administer vaccines, we need an up to date full exam on file. This means if you are a new client, you will need to pay for the exam ($56) at the same time as vaccines. If you are an existing client, you will need to pay for a full exam ($56) if your pet has not been seen in the last year.

Canine DA2PP – COST $23.00

This vaccine includes canine

distemper (upper respiratory virus that can affect the central nervous system),
adenovirus-2 (also known as hepatitis),
parinfluenza parvovirus (a severe gastrointestinal virus that is highly fatal to
dogs and puppies if not treated early).

Vaccinations are administered at 8-12-16 weeks for puppies.

This is then an annual vaccine after the initial puppy series is completed.

Canine Bordetella – COST $23.00 
To avoid kennel cough and it’s complications.
What is Kennel Cough? Your dog has a hacking cough within a week of coming home from a kennel, groomers or dog park. What is it? probably kennel cough, also known as Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis. Because kennel cough is highly contagious through airborne droplets, it spreads freely at boarding kennels, grooming facilities and dog parks. Like whooping cough in humans, kennel cough is an inflammation of the upper airways. It is typically a mild disease, which may advance to life-threatening pneumonia in puppies.

Canine Rabies 1 year & 3 years – COST $23.00 
To protect against viral disease that can affect all warm-blooded mammals, including dogs, cats, wildlife and humans. The virus infects cells of the nervous system, producing incoordination and behavioral abnormalities, such as unusual agression or withdrawal. Once the signs of rabies appear, the disease is always fatal. Rabies is usually transmitted by bite wounds, often from infected wildlife, which represent the larges reservoir of the disease in the U.S. Vaccines are very effective in preventing rabies. Most states in the U.S. require rabies vaccination of dogs at 1 to 3-year intervals.

Influenza – COST $27.00 

Leptospera – COST $23.00 

Rattlesnake Vaccine – COST $23.00 
Any dog over four months of age that is exposed to rattlesnakes whether at home, camping, hiking, etc, might be a good candidate for rattlesnake vaccine.

Rattlesnake bites are about 25 times more fatal in dogs that in humans.

How does this vaccine work? The vaccine has been reported to both delay the effects and reduce the severity of rattlesnake bites and help dogs survive and recover more quickly with less pain and swelling.

How often should a dog get booster vaccinations? A dog should get at least two doses about 30 days apart in the initial vaccination sequence. If the dog is exposed to rattlesnakes about six months per year, he will only need one booster per year about 30 days before the beginning of that exposure season.

**With all vaccines there is a medical waste fee of $2

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